Some things need to be said, and this is the place for that!

This little page has been around since December 21, 2001, and is currently on its third layout. I'm pretty sure this was the first English-language website dedicated to Gren. There are more now, which I think is grand! If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm quite the fan of Gren.

And who am I? Butterfly, of! I'm not quite the anime fan I used to be, but my love for Bebop shall never die. <3

Now some legal stuff.. Cowboy Bebop and Gren are copyright Sunrise INC. and Bandai Entertainment. I own no rights at all, this is just a simple fanpage.

Information for the music section was found at Emily's Cowboy Bebop Page and The Jazz Messengers (two brilliant pages that I am ever so glad are still around).

This site has been graced with some awards over the years! Thank you!

From Joanne: Site of the Month

From Rika: Jim's Award of Approval

From Kong Anmeng: Site Award and Gren's "Excellent Pictures" Site Award